“I heard Gwirtzman, who stands as a charming anomaly in Jazz: A one-man-band who brought onto the stage a trove of instruments.”

“By recording solo passages live, looping that music into sound samples and then improvising and recording new themes on top of that, Gwirtzman created the sonic effect of multiple musicians working in tandem.”

“Creative artist and interesting raconteur/philosopher… His innate musicality is more than enough to engage an audience.”

Howard Reich, Chicago Tribune


“Music tradition meets 21st-century technology as this gifted Israeli jazz artist performs on 20 instruments, instantly recording one part atop another until the music crescendos into an orchestra of sound, a blend of rhythms, melody and harmony.”

Jerusalem Post


“…from the music of incomprehensible languages, Gwirtzman breathes the universally understood melody of humanity…”

PBS Alabama


“Before leaving this earth it is imperative to experience the music and certainly a live performance of Amir Gwirtzman…”

Jewish Star


“Gwirtzman is not just a virtuoso who performs here with complete control over more than 20 instruments, as one might expect from a showmanship’s genius musician, but he also provides all along the album a true authentic, excitingly moving, a smartening & a magical experience…”

Rating weekly magazine


“A true Israeli pride!…Truly a celebration to the ears, of an album. Gwirtzman’s abilities are of a virtuoso, mainly on the high pitched instruments…”

Amos Oren (a major Israeli music critic, The Stage website)


“A one man multi-cultural Big-Band…one of the finest albums I’ve heard.”

Yossi Hersonski


“A master.”

Times Free Press


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